Make A Wine Bottle Light

With this project you will turn an plain wine bottle into a fantastic bottle light. So pop up a bottle of wine and lets get to work. This are he supplies that you’ll need: wine bottle, drill, tape, Christmas lights. Safety comes first so before you start put on your gloves and safety glasses. Wash the wine bottle with hot soapy water and remove all the labels and glue. Decide where you want the light cord to be and place a piece of tape on that place. This will stop the drill bit to slip on another place on the bottle. Drill very careful not to break the wine glass. Don’t make any plans for the next 30 minutes because that long it will take to make the hole. Wash once again the bottle and put it to dry. Put the Christmas lights inside the bottle through the hole that you drilled leaving the cord outside. And your wine bottle light is ready!!!






Photo Credit: http://witandwhistle.com/2009/11/03/diy-wine-bottle-light/

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