Wooden Pots – Rustic To Minimalist

wooden-pots-1Wooden pots add warmth and elegance to any place. Overall wooden pots can be found in department stores or garden centers. But if you have skills you can also make them. You should take in consideration that when you buy a wooden pot they are already pre-treatment to prevent moisture from affecting them and rot the material. Flower pots are made from wood a great material that rezist on bad weather. this material is very easy and is great for you to decorate home and garden. Anyway the wood is very adapted at changes and can be painted in any color!.  Designs that blend with any decor from rustic to minimalist.


The wooden pots that I prefer and love the post are the one that are shaped like a miniature train. If you have skills you can make one so you can decorate your garden, patio. You can make wooden train planters from old logs by carving them, from pallets even from old whiskey barrels. Enjoy the pictures bellow and hope inspiration “hits” you.






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