30 Easy Woodworking Projects for Beginners in 2021

Starting your own DIY woodworking projects? Remember don’t get too cocky and immediately take on huge projects too early as you may just end up failing or hiring a professional to complete it instead. However, unreliable sources online may also be at fault in cases when they provide “woodworking projects for beginners” that are actually not beginner-friendly.

Here, we understand that woodworking can be intimidating for some, and we don’t want you to waste your time and money on projects that will leave you feeling frustrated at the end of the day. Start small and once you feel comfortable, slowly work your way up. We have compiled some of the best woodworking projects for beginners in our list below that will help you challenge your skills.

Top Easy Beginner Woodworking Projects

1. Simple Wall Shelf

This is a simple beginner woodworking project that you can make without stressing about heavy labor. The most complicated step in creating this project is cutting the pallet, where you might need a Sawzall to get the job done. The other steps required are simply screwing the wood pieces into place and adding your finishing touches.

2. Porch or Garden Table

You can easily find thousands of beginner woodworking tutorials online teaching you how to create a basic table. However, to build one that stands out from the rest is to style it and add personal touches. This is one of the easiest projects for beginners as all you’ll really need to do is make simple cuts and screws to get it done.

3. Sofa Sleeve and Cup Holder

This easy DIY woodworking project is an ingenious solution for couch potatoes who love enjoying their coffee while snuggled on the sofa. You never need to find a steady surface to hold your cut of hot beverage anymore with this sofa sleeve. Not only is this practical, but it’s one of the best projects for beginners as only simple steps are required to creating this. Just cut the wood into proper pieces and drill a hole to serve as a cup holder.

4. Candle Holder

Have an old chunk of wood sitting in the backyard? Why not recycle it and bring it to life as a rustic looking candle holder with a simple beginner woodworking project? All it takes is a bit of drilling and nailing the pieces into place to create a beautiful candle holder for your home. This is yet one of the many easy projects that act as a great practice for newbies at a minimal cost.

5. Wooden Media Box

This wooden media box is not only a super simple DIY project but it’s great to help you keep your living area neat and clutter-free. The homey and rustic feel of wood is a perfect contrast to modern technology, becoming an awesome conversation-starter for when you have guests at home. The best part about this is that you don’t even need expensive power tools to complete it and it’s perfect for beginners.

6. Address Number Wall Planter

Spruce up your doorway entrance with easy woodworking projects such as this. With a simple wood piece, you’ll get an address number indicator, a wall planter, and a decorative item for your house! In addition to that, this DIY wood project won’t even take up a lot of time to complete and gives you a chance to test out your first few power tools.

7. Cookbook Stand or Tablet Holder

The cookbook stand is yet another one of those simple woodworking projects that you can make as the perfect present for yourself, your spouse, mom, friend, or any home cook who loves experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen. With just a few hours of simple woodworking, you’ll be able to quickly produce an item that can accommodate both traditional and techy chefs.

8. Scrap Plywood Candle Holders

If you happen to have a lot of scrap wood lying around your workshop and need to find a way to get rid of them, then you can consider this productive woodworking idea of turning them into fun, decorative pieces. We believe that you will surely get a good feeling and true DIY satisfaction from being able to save your former trash and turning it into beautiful wood pieces as gifts.

9. Bird Feeder

Bird feeders are easy-to-do wood projects that are also cheap and simple to get started. In fact, these are always among the first few beginner woodworking projects anyone tries when starting out with woodwork and carpentry. It’s a great piece for newbies that will also challenge their cutting and assembling abilities. Since this product will be left outside, it will also test the quality of your woodwork based on how long it can withstand the outdoor weather and external elements.

10. Tree Swing

Make your kid’s day by letting them experience the fruit of your hard work with this DIY Tree swing. Not only is this one of the most perfect beginner woodworking projects, but the simplicity of it will also bring smiles to the kids and maybe even some adults too. Have a go at it and see how simple wood project ideas can make a difference in your family’s way of having fun.

11. DIY Wine Rack

Looking for simple woodworking projects that are beautiful and can help you keep your house organized and neat? Then you will love this DIY wine rack. This project only needs a few items to complete, such as a simple wood plank and drill press to drill some holes into the wine rack. This is a simple project that you need not complicate.

12. Pencil Holder

Everyone loves handmade gifts as they’re a thoughtful gesture, and one of the safe options for gifts to any professional people you know is a pencil holder. This is a simple project that does not require fancy woodworking tools to complete. All you need is to drill a few holes into a block of wood and start painting and decorating to make the perfect representation of your thoughtfulness.

13. Welcome Mat

The doorway to your home is the very first thing that will greet any guest when they visit. While there are many decorative doormats in the store, you can also create your own version if you want to build a wooden DIY mat that feels homier. Besides, this will surely cost less when you turn all the scrap woods in your garage into something useful. Welcome mats are easy DIY wood projects that you can do while bonding with your little ones.

14. Scarf Hanger

Closet organization can be tough, especially when they’re overflowing with all your clothes and scarves. But one way to help you maintain a neater closet is by designating places for specific types of clothing and accessories. With this simple DIY project, you can easily assign a specific place for your scarves and save some drawer space for other clothing items. These wood projects are also very cute and a breeze to make.

15. Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan on your dining table means that you don’t have to lean across the table or bug your friends to pass you the dish or sauce. However, getting a wooden one in the store can easily cost you over $100. So, why not build one yourself and save up some bucks while getting filled with pride every time you walk past the dining table. Believe us when we say that this easy DIY project won’t take more than a few hours.

16. Cedar Planter

This is one of the best project ideas for gardeners and plant-lovers. A wooden planter is a very efficient way to help you organize your plants according to their types. But it’s even more helpful for those who do not possess a large backyard. An easy solution is to create your own planter box that can easily satisfy two hobbies: woodworking and gardening. Talk about two birds with one stone!

17. Hanging Basket Stand

Another way to keep your garden neat is by getting creative and building a hanging basket stand. This is the perfect decorative piece for your porch or balcony. Not only that, but you won’t even need to break a sweat when making this simple wood project. It is one of the most straightforward and simple wood projects to build.

18. Wood Wall Art

With this simple and easy DIY wood project, you’ll never leave your walls blank. You can decorate your house with wooden art that’s all the craze right now. No ideas of a specific style you want yet? No worries! This project will let you come up with a gorgeous piece of decor to hang on your wall that will brighten up your day every day you see it. It’s custom, easy to build, and gorgeous!

19. Bookends

Nobody likes to see a large stack of books or magazines dumped on the table. So why not get to your garage and build yourself some bookends. They will not only keep your place neat and organized, but they make amazing gifts for book-lovers. There are many DIY bookend projects available online for you to add various style ideas to the room.

20. Coffee Bar

Some people are just absolutely in love with their coffee and want to build a special place in their house to accommodate their collection! A coffee bar may be a piece of furniture to find on the market, especially if you need one that fits into that nook in your kitchen, or the corner in your dining room. This then gives you a chance to venture into wood furniture projects! This way, you can change the dimensions and design as you prefer

21. Wooden Toolbox

A wooden toolbox is something that’s created as an activity for kids and that’s how we know for sure that they’re a really easy project for a beginner. If little kids can build this, surely you can too right? And it doesn’t need to be a reward for anyone – you can create this as a convenient tool and carpentry materials organizer for other woodwork stuff.

22 Bowling Lanes

Be your kid’s hero and introduce them to fun activities and games outside of the iPad. Woodworking doesn’t always have to be about creating furniture or shelves, you can create a miniature bowling alley for your kids to play at home. Get your basic tools out and some wood, and have fun making this DIY bowling lane.

23. Vegetable Storage Bin with Divider

You ought to know by now that small perishable goods don’t often belong in the refrigerator. Fruits and vegetables can quickly clutter your kitchen counter if not kept in a rack. On the other hand, placing them into a single container may make it complicated for you to find what you want. So what you can do to step up your storage is to build yourself a divider shelf, a perfect solution to keep fruits and veggies fresh and near on your kitchen counter.

24. Wooden Shiplap Placemats

You can add a bit of character to your dining table with some cool shiplap placemats. Shiplaps are very trendy right now, even for woodworkers, turning this into an opportunity for some cool projects. This basic project is very easy with simple instructions every step meaning it’s perfect for beginners and even little children!

25. Pet Bed

Your pet deserves something nice and what could be better than a nice little bed for your furry buddy to lounge the whole day. This is a cute thing to make and a fab product that does not require a lot of woodworking expertise. All you need is a bit of woodwork experience, wood, and some tools.

26. Drawer Divider Insert

Ever get frustrated rummaging through your drawers trying to sort out all the stuff piled inside? If you answered yes, then you definitely need a drawer or cabinet organizer to help you declutter. You don’t need to spend money purchasing one, all you need is a drawer divider kept inside for clean and neat drawers.

27. Bar Stool

Here’s another basic item you can have around the house that you can easily build out of with the right wood. Barstools do not only give your house a modern touch, but they’re also fun pieces to make. Making them will not only satisfy the woodworker in you but save you plenty of money from buying expensive sets online.

28. Hanging Garden

Greenery in a home is always appreciated. However, having greenery in small apartments may sometimes be difficult to achieve, especially if you only have a teeny-tiny balcony. But you don’t really need to have a lot of space to grow your garden. You can just improvise with a hanging garden that will make use of your vertical space while giving you lots of greenery and fresh air.

29. DIY Clothes Rack

Modern interior design involves a simple clothes rack that will display the best stuff from your closet. We see this kind of racks in many dorms and teenage rooms, and often in pages of home design magazines. But even if you’re not after it for aesthetic purposes, a wooden rack can give you more space to hang your frequently-worn clothes onto. It’s quick, simple, and very cheap to make!

30. Storage Cubbies

Let’s admit it – toddlers are very cute but the mess they make with their toys is far from it. Coming home to a messy house with toys thrown all over the floor is not a sight you want to see after a long day at work. Hence, it is very important for parents to have a lot of storage to tuck all the toys away and out of sight. Although cheap plastic bins can do the trick, sometimes they can look like part of the clutter too. So, it’s always better to just build wooden storage cubbies on your own that will save you money and even look more presentable.


Woodworking does not always have to be complicated. There are plenty of woodworking projects for beginners that you can build when you’re just starting and some of them might even be profitable. All you need are just a few tools, elbow grease, and your best scroll saw to begin building a beginner woodworking item at home without all the complicated plans. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it then you can slowly work your way to creating more intricate and complex woodwork projects that can sell for a higher price.

Hopefully, the 30 easy woodworking projects in our list above have given you some inspiration and got your creative juices flowing. Remember, you don’t have to produce perfect results after you make these basic projects. After all, you’re still a woodworking beginner.

Many of these easy DIY projects aren’t just decorative, they can be really functional too. So, go ahead and get your woodworking tools ready and start taking on these easy wood projects! Who knows, you might just be well on your way to creating and selling a piece of furniture or product at a fair price.

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